2015 NFL Wild Card Games Picks & Predictions: Dave Bryan & David Todd

Every Friday on The Terrible Podcast my co-host David Todd and I pick all of the NFL games against the spread and we post those picks every Sunday morning throughout the season and track the results along the way. This Friday, however, we picked all of the Wild Card games along with the final scores and below are our selections. Here is a link to the Friday episode. We use the spreads that we see on Friday for our picks below.

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Wild Card Weekend Games Line Dave Bryan David Todd
Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans 4:35 PM ET Texans +3 Chiefs 20-10 Chiefs 17-13
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals 8:15 PM ET Bengals +3 Steelers 22-20 Steelers 31-27
Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings 1:05 PM ET Vikings +5 Seahawks 23-16 Seahawks 27-13
Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins 4:40 PM ET Redskins -1 Packers 19-16 Redskins 23-20
Week 17 Results 6-10 13-3
2015 Results 119-131-6 134-116-6


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