2015 NFL Championship Games Picks & Predictions: Dave Bryan & David Todd

Every Friday on The Terrible Podcast my co-host David Todd and I picked all of the NFL games against the spread and we posted those picks every Sunday morning throughout the season and track the results along the way. This Friday, however, we didn’t get those picks in on the podcast due to David being out of town. We have since exchanged our picks, however, and I have them for you below.

Feel free to put your score predictions in the comments.

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Divisional Week Picks

Championship Weekend Games Line Dave Bryan David Todd
New England Patriots at Denver Broncos 3:05 PM ET Broncos +3 Broncos 23-20 Patriots 29-15
Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers 6:40 PM ET Panthers -3 Cardinals 24-20 Cardinals 22-17
Divisional Week Results 0-3-1 1-2-1
2015 Results 122-135-7 137-120-7


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