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Sunday’s Game Vs Browns Could Be Flexed (Update)

In what will prove as a pivotal game in shaping the Pittsburgh Steelers’ playoff fate, PR man reminded – and maybe hinted – at the possibility of next Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns being flexed.

Lauten indicated in another tweet that if moved, it would “probably” be flexed to a 4 PM kickoff.

Should the Bengals beat the Broncos Monday night, a Denver loss next week and a Steelers’ win would put Pittsburgh in the playoffs. The Broncos host the San Diego Chargers at 4:25/ET next week. Putting both games at the same time would sure make for some exciting football.

If the Broncos win tonight, the only path for the Steelers to get in is to have the New York Jets lose to the Buffalo Bills. Those two square off at 1 PM.

The league should announce tonight or tomorrow if any games will be flexed. Stay tuned to Steelers Depot for an update.

UPDATE: Lauten has announced the game will not be flexed. Kickoff is locked in at 1 PM.

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