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Steelers Kept Colts QB Matt Hasselbeck Off Balance With Three-Man Rush

Did you notice how many times the Pittsburgh Steelers dropped 8 men into coverage on defense during Sunday night’s win over the Indianapolis Colts? Even though they did the same thing several times late in the game against the Cleveland Browns back in Week 10, Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck didn’t seem to be ready for them to do that Sunday night against him.

“We didn’t handle their blitz, early, really well. We knew it was coming and we didn’t handle it well,” said Hasselbeck after the game. “Then we were prepared to handle it and they would just rush three. They did a really nice job of keeping me off balance. I’m very disappointed in how I played. Extremely disappointed.”

The Steelers only rushed three on the Colts third offensive play of the game after looking like they might blitz up the middle and it resulted in Hasselbeck being intercepted at the one-yard-line by dropping linebacker Jarvis Jones.

Had Jones not intercepted the pass, safety Will Allen likely would’ve as he had stepped in front of Colts tight end Coby Fleener in the end zone.

“After the first couple of drives they went with a three-man rush and dropping 8 into coverage and I didn’t handle that well,” said Hasselbeck. I didn’t get the ball out quick enough.”

According to Alex Kozora, the Steelers rushed only three players a season-high 11 times Sunday night. Coming into the game they had done that 22 times all season.

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