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Steelers C Cody Wallace Fined $23,152 For Late Hit Against Broncos

As expected, Pittsburgh Steelers center Cody Wallace has been fined by the league for his Sunday late hit on Denver Broncos safety David Bruton Jr..

With 1:49 left in the first quarter of Sunday’s game, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was being tackled after a reception when Broncos defensive end Malik Jackson hit Brown in the helmet from the side. Wallace then took exception to that hit and flew into the play after a running start, hitting Bruton in the helmet and knocking him backwards. The safety had to leave the game briefly before returning later.

On Monday, Bruton called the hit “dirty.”

“Everyone is making a big deal out of Odell [Beckham’s] deal, but it’s nothing on [Wallace]. I’m pretty sure my head was down, the play was over, whistle blown,” Bruton said, according to USA Today Sports. “Heck, I didn’t go in there and shoot at his guy.

“That’s just what they do. They’re dirty. He left his feet trying to take me out.”

During his Tuesday press conference, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said the penalty on Wallace was warranted.

While Wallace was reportedly fined $23,152 for his unnecessary roughness penalty, he will not be suspended for his actions.

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