Steelers Are Carl’s Stone Cold Lock Of The Century Of The Week

If you’ve ever watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force, you certainly know who Carl Brutananadilewski is. And if you know who Carl is, you certainly know that he’s been giving his Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week picks every week for the NFL for several years.

In his Week 13 episode, Carl picks the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Indianapolis Colts as his Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week. He also delivers a nice little rant about about Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck in this episode in addition to explaining how Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger should be good to go Sunday night and primed for good performance thanks to him suffering a concussion last Sunday.

Oh, Carl also drops a great jab at Guns ‘N’ Roses in this week’s video as well.

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