Merry Christmas From Steelers Depot – 2015

Good morning and Merry Christmas to all of you.

It’s been an exciting season for the Pittsburgh Steelers so far and all of us here at Steelers Depot have thoroughly enjoyed covering it for you. I don’t take for granted the opportunity I have to wake up every morning and write about the team I have followed my entire life. In other words, it’s Christmas every day for me and I hope it shows.

I am also blessed to have some very talented people working with me who help make this site even better. As many of you well know, Alex Kozora and Matthew Marczi both really help form the backbone of this site with their daily contributions and I am blessed to have had them with me now for several years.

Additionally, Michael K. Reynolds and Tony DelSignore Jr. have both been providing weekly contributions to the site for a long time now and they are as consistent as they come.

While she doesn’t contribute to the site on a weekly basis, Melanie Friedlander is always quick to handle any serious injury news with a solid medical diagnosis and explanation and I’m glad to call her a friend.

David Todd has been my co-host on the podcast going on six years now and I still don’t know how he’s been able to put up with me so long. He’s certainly a master at what he does and has a gift for gab.

While they haven’t been with us very long, Zach Grasinger and Josh Carney are both off to great starts and I look forward to seeing more of their great content in the future.

Finally, while you never see their work directly, Alan Gifford and Tim Rice have both been helping out with the site behind the curtains for a long time now and I certainly appreciate their efforts.

As you can see, it’s Christmas for me every day. It’s been a record year here and I am still amazed when I watch the traffic numbers grow. Thank you for you continued daily patronage to the site and I hope your holiday season has delivered many blessings for you. Have a safe day today and Merry Christmas once again.

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