2015 AFC Playoff Scenarios For Week 16

Week 16 of the 2015 NFL season figures to be an exciting one when it comes the playoff race in the AFC and below are the playoff scenarios that revolve around the upcoming games.

As you will notice below, the Pittsburgh Steelers scenario is pretty cut and dry as they will secure a playoff spot with a Sunday win over the Baltimore Ravens combined with the New York Jets losing to the New England Patriots.

It’s worth pointing out that the Jets cannot clinch a playoff berth in Week 16 and that also means that the Steelers cannot be eliminated from contention should they lose to the Ravens and New York beats the Patriots.

You will also notice that the Cincinatti Bengals can clinch the AFC North Monday night with a win or tie against the Denver Broncos. They can also clinch the division if the Steelers lose Sunday to the Ravens.


CLINCHED: New England – AFC East and a first-round bye; Cincinnati – playoff berth

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (at New York Jets, Sunday)

New England clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:

NE win OR

NE tie + CIN loss or tie

CINCINNATI BENGALS (at Denver, Monday)

Cincinnati clinches AFC North division with:

CIN win or tie OR

PIT loss or tie

Cincinnati clinches a first-round bye with:

CIN win or tie

DENVER BRONCOS (vs. Cincinnati, Monday)

Denver clinches AFC West division with:

DEN win + KC loss or tie OR

DEN tie + KC loss

Denver clinches a playoff spot with:

DEN win + NYJ loss or tie OR

DEN win + PIT loss or tie OR

DEN tie + NYJ loss OR

DEN tie + PIT loss

HOUSTON TEXANS (at Tennessee, Sunday)

Houston clinches AFC South division with:

HOU win + HOU clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over IND OR

HOU win + IND loss or tie OR

HOU tie + IND loss

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (vs. Cleveland, Sunday)

Kansas City clinches a playoff spot with:

KC win + NYJ loss OR

KC win + PIT loss

PITTSBURGH STEELERS (at Baltimore, Sunday)

Pittsburgh clinches a playoff spot with:

PIT win + NYJ loss

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