Thrifty Investment On DeAngelo Williams Paying Off Big

It might be the greatest two year, four million dollar contract in Pittsburgh Steelers’ history.

That was the price it took to bring in DeAngelo Williams. And boy, is that money well spent.

Williams continues to thrive as the team’s starting running back. He found the end zone three times during the two weeks Le’Veon Bell missed during his suspension. Then he calmly followed it up with a 170 yards rushing, 55 yards receiving, two touchdown performance in the Steelers 38-35 thrilling victory Sunday afternoon. He isn’t the elite back Bell is but he shows all the similar traits.

Like Bell, his vision is incredible, showing the ability to find an open lane and hit it with conviction.

“That’s easy. You just got to depend on the guys up front,” Williams responded when asked how he managed to stay so patient and calm. “Working on the linebackers and the secondary because you’re booking the offensive line is going to take care of things up front. And they did a great job at that tonight.”

Williams is doing things most 30 year old backs don’t do. But don’t remind him of his age.

“It doesn’t matter to me. It’s all about production. I go in and I try not to let people outwork me. Once I get in the weight room or on the field, I put everything out there. And it just shows on Sunday.”

He’s never been one to speak his mind in an interview or bristle at criticism. And he ended by taking a little shot at those in the media who doubted his ability to help this team.

“It does help when guys like the media doubt me. So thanks for the fuel guys, keep it up.”

From the red-hot Williams, that’s stone cold.

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