NFL Trade Deadline 2015: Steelers Unlikely To Make Tuesday Deal

With the NFL trade deadline looming (Tuesday, 4 p.m. ET), you’ve probably read the suggestions from several hacks as it relates to proposed deals the Pittsburgh Steelers should make. If they got your hopes up, prepare to be disappointed.

While several have tried to link the Steelers to possibly trading with the San Diego Chargers for veteran safety Eric Weddle, I think I did a fair job of shooting that idea down in a Monday post. Additionally, since writing that post, the Chargers have reportedly said they have no intentions of trading Weddle.

If you think the Steelers will be trading for Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack or tackle Joe Thomas on Tuesday, you really must be out of your mind. Mack released a statement on Monday saying he’s not waiving the no-trade clause in his contract. As for Thomas, he’s way too expensive for the Steelers blood not only in terms of salary, but also in what it would cost in trade compensation to acquire him.

Of all of the trade ideas that have been thrown out there, the one suggested by our very own Alex Kozora several weeks ago that includes the Steelers trading with the New York Jets for veteran defensive end Leger Douzable is by far the best I’ve seen and it’s mainly because of the low salary that he makes. However, giving up anything more than a sixth or seventh round draft pick certainly wouldn’t be advisable for a part-time rental player who will be unrestricted at the end of the season.

So, what about potential trades that involve the Steelers sending away players for picks? The only two real candidates when it comes to such a scenario include trading away running back Dri Archer and safety Shamarko Thomas, in my opinion. With that said, a team would be foolish to give the Steelers anything more than a sixth or seventh round draft pick for either of those two players as neither have been huge contributors so far during their respective careers.

While anything is certainly possible, I will be quite shocked if the Steelers make a trade on Tuesday and you should be as well.

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