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Mary Lou Retton Gives Antonio Brown’s Touchdown-Scoring Flip A ‘Perfect 10’

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers 30-9 Sunday win over the Cleveland Browns, head coach Mike Tomlin suggested that people should judge the touchdown-scoring forward flip that wide receiver Antonio Brown pulled off in the fourth quarter. Well, the judging is underway and one former gold medal-winning U.S. gymnast has given Brown a perfect score on Twitter.

“Way to stick that landing! Perfect 10!” tweeted Mary Lou Retton, who won all-around gold in gymnastics at the 1984 Olympic Games for the United States.

While he hinted after the game that he probably needs to make smarter decisions in the future when it comes to his on-the-field gymnastics, Brown told the media that if a judge were present for the game his score would probably be a 10.

In addition to being recognized by Retton, Brown’s flip has now been featured in the lasts video by the folks at Benstonium.

As you would expect, Brown received another perfect 10 from the officials in that video.

The Steelers are now flipping into their bye week with a 6-4 record following Sundays win. Brown currently leads the league in receiving yardage with 1,141 yards on 79 catches.

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