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Danny Smith Knows Special Teams Unit Struggled Sunday

Special teams’ coach Danny Smith isn’t one to hide his feelings. And he readily admitted his unit has to get better next week.

“We gotta do more. That’s how I assessed it and that’s what I told the players,” he told Bob Labriola on the Steelers Nation Radio’s weekly Coordinator’s Corner.

Several issues stemmed around the Pittsburgh Steelers’ kick return unit, failing to reach the 20 on either of Dri Archer’s return. The Cincinnati Bengals’ special teams ace Cedric Peerman made both tackles, something we highlighted yesterday, and something Smith confirmed to Labriola.

“Give him a lot of credit. We have played good agianst him. We did not play good against him last week, and that needs to change.

We have got to do a better job against him, in particular, and that’s why I say in my beginning statement that we have to do more. But that kid is outstanding.”

I bet Smith was banging on the table for Peerman had he become a free agent. I know I was, and signed him in my mock offseason.

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