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Arthur Moats Fined For Johnny Manziel Facemask

Arthur Moats has been fined $8,681 for his facemask on Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Johnny Manziel last Sunday, the league announced today.

Moats actually ended up poking Manziel in the eye, knocking out the QB’s contact. Moats would apologize to Manziel on Twitter later in the evening and explained on Twitter that it was an accident and product of getting his hand stuck in his facemask. While there definitely was not any intent, Manziel was uninjured and didn’t even miss a play, it was an egregious act and well worth a fine.

The fine amount is obscure because fine penalties go up by a small percentage every season, per CBA guidelines.

It is Moats’ first fine of 2015 and get this, only the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ second on-field action to be fined this year. Mike Mitchell was fined for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty earlier this year. That, obviously, doesn’t include any of the uniform infractions.


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