NFL Week 5: Open Discussion Thread And Scoreboard


Being as the Pittsburgh Steelers will not be playing until Monday night, we’ll once again fire up an open thread complete with a scoreboard in order for all of you to discuss the other Week 5 games around the league.

Obviously, the game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns will have our attention on Sunday as the loser of that game can probably start making tee times for the offseason. Additionally, all of us will be hoping that the Seattle Seahawks can beat the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. Both of those games are early so we’ll know a lot more about the AFC North in just a few hours from now.

Here are the remaining Week 5 games.

Chicago at Kansas City 1:00 PM ET
Seattle at Cincinnati 1:00 PM ET
Washington at Atlanta 1:00 PM ET
Jacksonville at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM ET
New Orleans at Philadelphia 1:00 PM ET
Cleveland at Baltimore 1:00 PM ET
St. Louis at Green Bay 1:00 PM ET
Buffalo at Tennessee 1:00 PM ET
Arizona at Detroit 4:05 PM ET
New England at Dallas 4:25 PM ET
Denver at Oakland 4:25 PM ET
San Francisco at NY Giants 8:30 PM ET
Pittsburgh at San Diego 8:30 PM ET

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