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Matt Bowen, Louis Riddick Call Antonio Brown Toughest Player To Cover

It’s no secret Antonio Brown is one of the toughest players in the league to cover. But two former NFL safeties, and some of the smartest analysts in the media, helped confirm that today. Matt Bowen and Louis Riddick listed their top ten most difficult players to cover today and Brown came in first.

Bowen said:

“Brown is electric. That’s the best way I can describe him when looking at his change of direction ability, burst off the ball and speed to go get it. I see Brown at the top route runner in today’s game, with the lateral quickness to separate at the break and the acceleration to straight-up pull away from coverage.”

Riddick added:

“Brown’s compact stature and exceptional pound-for-pound for pound strength catches many DBs off guard when they first matchup against him. And then when you add the short-area quickness, play speed and competitiveness, he becomes a 60-minute nightmare.”

Brown has 34 receptions for 478 yards through the first four games. Those figures ranked second and tied for first respectively. His 22 first downs also rank fourth in the league. He’ll try to keep those numbers up while Ben Roethlisberger remains out of the lineup.

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