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Danny Smith On New Kicker Chris Boswell

It’s no secret that Danny Smith is one of our favorite coaches. For a month during training camp, we get to enjoy his style up close and personal – a relatively small man whose voice booms across Latrobe. But after that, we rarely get to hear from him.

Smith spoke to’s Mike Prisuta yesterday and the conversation predictably revolved around the team’s rocky kicker situation.

The longtime special teams coach said he had “never” been apart of a team that had to rely on its fourth kicker in a single season. But he embraces the “next man up” philosophy.

“Each year you prepare, prepare, prepare and you’re hit with new things. Those who are successful continue to adjust and move along,” he told Prisuta.

The Steelers are now moving along with Chris Boswell, signed on Tuesday to replace Josh Scobee. Smith was predictably impressed with Boswell’s workout.

“(Boswell) had the best workout and deserved this opportunity. It wasn’t great conditions. We worked at both ends of that field and this kid had the best workout, without a doubt.”

Boswell will play in his first regular season game Monday night in San Diego. He had spent time with the Houston Texans and New York Giants but failed to win either job.



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