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Cam Heyward Announces He Will Stop Wearing “Iron Head” Eyeblack

Taking to Twitter, Cam Heyward has announced after meeting with league officials today, he will no longer wear the “Iron Head” eyeblack he’s been sporting dating back to last season.

Here is his full message.

As he explains, Heyward doesn’t wish to be a distraction “to my teammates or the Steelers organization.” He also writes he will honor his father in other ways, including leaving his eye black plain on gameday.

Heyward was going to be subject to over $11,000 weekly fines had be continued to wear it.

The true professional he is, he is spinning the events into a positive. He has partnered with, allowing fans to buy customized eye black. 50% of his proceeds will go to his foundation, The Heyward House, with that money specifically targeted to The Children’s Hospital and the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation. Each order costs $3.99.

It’s a gesture I’m positive his dad would be very proud of.

Again, please check out his product at the link here.

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