Steelers Vs Bills Second Half Notes And Observations

The Pittsburgh Steelers now have a 1-3 preseason record after dropping their fourth game to the Buffalo Bills on Saturday by the score of 43-19. Below are my notes and observations upon reviewing the first half of the game.

  • Punter Jordan Berry was given the opportunity to kick off due to injury, and managed to send the ball a yard deep into the end zone, returned out to the 22.
  • For some odd reason, Josh Harris was not credited with the tackle, although he clearly made it.
  • The second half went about as well as did the first half for the Steelers’ defense, though the defense largely consisted of those who are already off the team, or soon will be. An early 11-yard run was ripped through Joe Kruger’s gap, who was released on Monday.
  • The lone starter still in the game was Jarvis Jones, who should have had a tackle for loss but was unable to wrap up. Anthony Chickillo ended up recording the primary tackle, with Jones getting an assist upon second effort.
  • The Bills, on the other hand, still had their starting offensive line in the game, together logging 47 of the Bills’ 74 offensive snaps. The Steelers’ starting line played 18 snaps.
  • Matt Conrath got sucked inside in the red zone, opening a lane for Tyrod Taylor to scramble in for a touchdown from 20 yards out. The extra point was missed.
  • Harris completely missed in pass protection for a second time in the game, allowing a sack for a loss of 13 yards against the Bills’ starting will linebacker.
  • Berry booted a 55-yard punt from his own end zone, with Kevin Fogg making the tackle after a one-yard gain. This was in part due to a bad decision by the returner to run horizontally, but it was a good play all around.
  • Chickillo was the next man flying in, just to mention.
  • Somebody clearly missed an assignment on the Bills’ following play, leaving a gaping hole open for a 22-yard run between Daniel McCullers and Kruger. Both Kruger and Howard Jones took wide right angles.
  • Speaking of McCullers, he was surprisingly ineffective on the pass rush in this game, against both starters and reserves.
  • Alden Darby lost both the ball and the receiver, getting beat over the top for a 37-yard touchdown.
  • Jesse James threw a block to spring Dri Archer to the sideline for six yards to set up third and one, but Jones’ third-down pass was deflected at the line.
  • After a pair of false start penalties, Berry booted a 66-yard punt standing on his own goal line, fielded at the 20. The officials missed a block in the back on Doran Grant. Jordan Dangerfield laid out the returner at the sideline after a 12-yard return.
  • The Bills looked to be driving again, but after a free sack when the quarterback stumbled, it was 3rd and 18. A 14-yard catch set up a fourth-and-four incompletion and a turnover on downs.
  • After converting on a third and one with a five-yard carry by Harris, the offense stalled again. Jones’ first-down pass was under duress after James allowed pressure. C.J. Goodwin still nearly came down with it in traffic. Harris was stopped for no gain, and then a four-yard pass on third and 10 brought Berry back on to the field.
  • Grant continues to tackle well, which can help him get on the field. He made two tackles on the Bills’ penultimate drive.
  • Though I thought Terence Garvin overall played well, he was twice caught flat-footed following a reception in the game. The second time resulted in a 16-yard touchdown. Dangerfield was unable to recover either. He is not a coverage safety, that’s for sure.
  • James still has little to no game after the catch. That needs to be worked on.
  • Alejandro Villanueva killed the Steelers’ final drive with a false start on 3rd and eight.
  • Berry’s final punt of the game went for a touchback. But to be fair, it took 78 yards to get there, and Fogg nearly got down there to down it.
  • After one first down on a couple of power runs, the Bills took a couple of kneel downs to end the game.
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