Steelers’ Output Matched What They Saw In Week One

It was a day for reversals.

Most importantly, of course, on the scoreboard. That’s the only place that really matters.

But beyond what is considered vital, the Steelers of Week 2 looked like the New England Patriots of Week One.

Maybe they picked up tips on the Patriots’ radio broadcast?

The Steelers couldn’t convert their promising drives into touchdowns. The Patriots went 4-4, finding the end zone all four times. Sunday, the Steelers went 5-5 in redzone touchdown opportunities, an offense, for a moment but hopefully longer, finding its rhythm.

Its execution so effective, so crisp, tantalizing fans with the offseason promises of how high-octane it could be, in part to its tempo. Ben Roethlisberger credited it after the game.

“What was working tonight was the up-tempo, no huddle. I was calling almost every single play. We’re just moving so fast.”

Sound familiar? It’s what Tom Brady and the New England gang did to Pittsburgh, ratcheting up the pace, not allowing the Steelers to sub, and in general, creating chaos for the away team.

There were five plays of 30+ yards, all through the air. That was even better than New England, who only had one, but had its affect all the same, Rob Gronkowski’s 52 yard catch setting up a touchdown.

All this, though you probably don’t need reminded, without the services of Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant. Bell comes back Tuesday, Bryant in a couple weeks. Closer to a Madden lineup than something resembling real life.

The goal here is not to compare the two teams or idolize New England. The Patriots are the Patriots, the Steelers are the Steelers, I say with my most straight-faced, coach speak manner.

Efficient. Captivating. Intoxicating. Everything New England was in Week One Pittsburgh was in Week Two. And proof the Steelers’ offense can be the most potent in the league.

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