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Steelers LB James Harrison Returning Sons’ Participation Trophies

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison recorded one sack Friday night during the preseason loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, no trophy was awarded to Harrison after the game for participating and giving his best in the contest.

Harrison apparently returned from Jacksonville to find out that his two sons were awarded participation trophies over the weekend at a sporting event and he’s not very happy about that. The linebacker posted on his social media accounts that the trophies will be returned as his sons don’t deserve them because their best wasn’t good enough.

I applaud Harrison for his actions and the stance he’s taking against political correctness. Harrison’s boys will appreciate their father’s actions later on in life. If you’re going to compete, you should compete to win and should you not win, you shouldn’t expect a pat on the back or a trophy just because you failed at achieving the ultimate goal.

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