Is Greg Hardy’s Large Suspension Reduction Good News For Le’Veon Bell?

On Friday, the NFL shockingly announced that they had reduced the 10-game suspension of Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy by six games. While I’m shocked that it was reduced that much considering that Hardy’s off-the-field incident was related to domestic violence, you have to wonder if Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell will be given some sort of major suspension reduction as well.

Bell is believed to be still waiting for his appeal to be heard following him being suspended for three games this past April following his arrest on DUI and marijuana charges last August. While he is currently serving a 15 month probation, Bell’s been a model citizen ever since he was charged in addition to being publicly contrite.

While the league does take DUI offences seriously, you would think that they would take an even harder stance against players who are involved in domestic violence incidents due to all of the fallout stemming from the altercation that former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice had with his then-fiancée in a casino elevator a few years ago.

While I fully expect that Bell will have his suspension reduced by one game, maybe there’s still hope that it will be cut down by two games.

Assuming Bell’s hearing will be taking place within the next two weeks and prior to the Steelers training camp reporting day, if it hasn’t already, one would think that the league would make a ruling on it quickly. Hardy’s ruling came six weeks after his hearing but his case can be perceived as being less cut and dry than Bell’s.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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