Ziggy Hood Opens Up About Personal Life

The website The Players Tribune was founded in October of 2014 with content driven by the athletes themselves. Derek Jeter is the founder while the likes of Blake Griffin, Russell Wilson, and Kobe Bryant have made the bylines.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive end Ziggy Hood wrote a powerful piece on Friday. Titled, “My Boy,” Hood opens up about his first born son, Josiah, a child with special needs.

Hood details struggling with coming to grips with the realization. He admits to originally thinking it was punishment for something he had done, and as he puts it, “countless times when I’ve driven to work crying, trying to figure out what happened and how I could fix it.”

He says he has learned to cherish the time he and his son, now five, share together, and appreciates having a beautiful son while getting to play in the NFL to “get [Josiah] every resource he needs for the rest of his life.”

The former Steeler goes on to detail the organization he’s joined during his time in Jacksonville to connect with families in the same situation.

It’s a tremendously well-written, emotional article, and definitely worth the read, which I’ll again link here.

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