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Steelers Practice Field Had A Penis Painted On It Prior To Super Bowl XLIII

According to Dave Eminian of the Peoria Journal Star, the practice field at the University of South Florida used by Pittsburgh Steelers ahead of Super Bowl XLIII needed some emergency work done on it by the groundskeepers thanks to vandals painting a large penis on it.

“The Steelers were to practice for the first time in the morning, but the night before, a group somehow scaled the fences and walls, got into the stadium, and painted a large, well, male body part, at midfield,” said Mike Reno, who was part of that Super Bowl grounds crew.

“We discovered it in the morning and the only thing we could think of to do with it was create a Steelers logo there and blend it in. No one ever knew.”

Reno also added that the field was in bad shape even prior to that as there were patches of dirt everywhere.

The vandals may have had their fun and probably snapped a few pictures to preserve the memory, but the Steelers wound up having the last laugh as they beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 to capture their sixth Lombardi trophy.

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