Kelvin Beachum Celebrating His First Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day but Pittsburgh Steelers left tackle Kelvin Beachum has been celebrating for a week.

It’s the first year celebrating with his daughter so he decided to do something a little special and interactive on Instagram.

Using the hashtag #KBsFatherAppreciationWeek, he’s invited dads to share memorable stories or quotes throughout this past week. The best ones receiving prize packs from Beachum.


The contests including sharing: Real Dad Moments, Stuff My Dad Says, and MVP Dads.





He then spent yesterday in Mexia, Texas handing out food to families in need.


Beachum is truly one of the good guys in the NFL and at the risk of sounding cliché, stories like this should be shared more often.

Happy Father’s Day, Steelers’ nation.

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