Haley Affirms Red Zone Improvement, Aggressive PATs

It shouldn’t come as a shock but Todd Haley told reporters a main goal for 2015 is to improve the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ red zone offense.

Multiple reporters have tweeted out today Haley’s desire to get better inside the twenty.

The Steelers finished 2014 ranked 19th in red zone efficiency, according to TeamRankings. That may be slightly better than what some fans would expect but for a high-powered offense with as many weapons as any team in the league, a ranking that is not good enough.

The offensive coordinator seemed to confirm what has unfolded during OTAs, speaking to his aggressive nature and willingness to go for two-point conversions, reacting to the NFL’s rule change that has pushed extra points back to the 15 yard line.

In an interview with Bob Pompeani on June 1st, Ben Roethlisberger noted the team had started every practice at the two, repping two-point conversion situations.

Opting against the extra point can be expected to become more common as the season goes on and the weather turns from a crisp fall to harsh winter. Kicking 33 yard field goals in wind and snow is less than ideal. All indications support the notion the team won’t hesitate to go for two should the moment call for it.

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