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Cavaliers Use Steelers Logo, Ben Roethlisberger Picture To Entice Boos

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently hosting the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals and apparently the home team’s fan base needs prodding as to when to boo.

According to NBC Bay Area reporter Bob Redell, who is at the game, the Cavaliers put the Pittsburgh Steelers logo up on the video board to entice boos from Cleveland fans whenever a Warriors player is about to shoot free throws.

It apparently doesn’t stop there, however, as Bud Shaw of also reports that the picture of Steelers quarterback Ben Rorthlisberger is used to provoke booing.

The city of Cleveland hasn’t celebrated a major professional sports championship since 1964, so I suppose a lot of the Cavalier fans aren’t used to basketball as theyre just bandwagoners. Besides, being as most of them are probably fans of the Cleveland Browns as well, they’re more accustomed to booing their own team.

Stay classy, Cleveland.

On a somewhat related note, several Steelers players are at the game as Antonio Brown, Will Allen, Cameron Heyward and Stephon Tuitt have all posted pictures on their social media accounts.

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