Steelers’ “Wolf Of Wall Street” Looks To Find His Niche As UDFA

On May 23, Steelers undrafted free agent running back Ross Scheuerman will graduate from Lafayette with a degree in economics and likely at some point, maybe sooner rather than later, will find himself in a big city, perhaps Wall Street. That will always be there, and that’s the great thing about collegiate athletes, is that their degree will be with them for life, not susceptible to season-ending ACL or Achilles tears.

Scheuerman knows this, and he also knows he’s the low man on the totem pole, as far as the running back hierarchy of the Pittsburgh Steelers is concerned. That’s why, at this very moment, he’s devoting every ounce of energy and passion he has into making this team.

“Right now I just want to focus on football and try to make football last as long as possible,” he said, according to Mike Prisuta of

At 6-feet even and 204 pounds though, Scheuerman isn’t built to be your three downs, plowhorse-type of a running back, like an Adrian PetersonLe’Veon Bell or DeMarco Murray. However, he wouldn’t need to be, with All-Pro Bell entrenched as the workhorse, and a capable backup in DeAngelo Williams behind him. That’s beside the point though, because after showing up as a freshman at Lafayette, the fact that he’s even in an NFL facility is far more than what Scheuerman could ever fathom.

He never fully realized the NFL was within his crosshairs until his junior year came around, when he’d notice scouts trickling in during practices and games.

“He’s just a special kid, because he could do so many things,” said Lafayette offensive coordinator Mickey Fein, according to Tom Pelissero of USA Today Sports. “He’s a versatile guy. The thing that made him a little bit different was his speed. As soon as he got through the line and if he had any space, he could take it to the house.”

His 3,504 career rushing yards are an impressive number in themselves, and Lafayette’s pro-style offense should be a smooth transition for Scheuerman. His versatility could even get him looks out of the slot, much like the ways Wes Welker, Shane Vereen or Julian Edelman are utilized. Before all that, he knows fully well his one-way ticket to punching his name on the 53-man roster is by becoming Steelers special teams coach, Danny Smith’s best friend.

“He’s a coach’s dream because he works hard and shuts his mouth and really tries to do what you’re asking him to do,” Fein said, according to Pelissero.

In an era full of divas and prima-donnas at the skill positions, that’s a welcoming trait, especially in a blue-collar organization such as Pittsburgh.

Behind Bell and Williams, carries could be at a premium, but with Dri Archer possibly being used more as a wide receiver, and Josh Harris not showing a whole lot, Scheuerman could be in position to snatch, at worst, a practice squad spot. He should without a doubt be a fan favorite heading into training camp, as the Steelers’ version of Jordan Belfort, the former stockbroker portrayed in the smashingly successful movie, “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. However, if he can prolong his football career, he won’t have to make a profit off of manipulating the stock market, he’ll hopefully be getting paychecks written by the Rooneys.

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