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Ryan Clark And James Harrison Both Think Tom Brady Should Be Suspended

Since the release of the Wells Report earlier today, several current and former NFL players have weighed in on Twitter with their thoughts on the findings. One was former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark, who has never been shy about making his feelings known about anything league related.

Clark wrote that he believes New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady should receive a suspension of no more than four games as that’s the same length of time that PED users receive for gaining a competitive edge. Clark believes that Brady had a competitive edge by playing a role in the football deflation that took place prior to the AFC Championship game last season.

After Clark made his feelings known on Twitter, current Steelers linebacker James Harrison posted that he agrees with his former teammates views. Harrison wrote that the league needs to protect the integrity of the game.

It will certainly be interesting to see what kind of discipline, if any, is ultimately handed down to the Patriots and Brady. It is unknown what the timeframe will be for such a decision and I cant wait to see what several current and former players think of it once it finally is handed down.

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