NFL Draft

Lake On Grant: “Solid, Physical Corner That Has Decent Speed”

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Ohio State cornerback Doran Grant in the fourth-round of the 2015 NFL Draft and defensive backs coach Carnell Lake gave a quick overview of his newest player during the post-selection press conference.

“Solid, physical corner that has decent speed,” said Lake. “Played at a very high level at a national-type championship team. Played as a true freshman and played every year while he was attending Ohio State.”

Lake was then asked why Grant was still on the board in the fourth-round when several draftniks had him pegged as being a possible round-two selection.

“I think if you put all of the information together maybe there are some doubts about his productivity or ability to stay close with receivers, but I think at this point, I think it’s a pretty solid pick considering that he has the ability to stay close to receivers in a sense that he can keep up with them, said Lake. “And he’s going to make tackles. He’s a very tough player. He’s going to help out a lot on special teams because of that and like we talked about last night, he’s starting to check off a few of those boxes.”

Several have wondered if Grant might be prospect that could eventually move to safety and Lake addressed that as well.

“I have that in my notes,” said Lake. “I think he’s that strong of a tackler that he could easily transition from corner to safety.”

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