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Bud Dupree: “My Eyes Are Going To Be Big And My Ears Are Going To Be Wide Open”

The Pittsburgh Steelers formally introduced linebacker Bud Dupree to the media on Friday and the Kentucky product was immediately asked what it means to him to be selected by an organization like the Steelers

“It means a lot to be get drafted by the Steelers,” said Dupree. “The defense that they have and the mentality that they bring to the table, and even being so good right now, I still believe that I can help them take it to another level.”

We’ve already found out that Dupree is looking forward to working alongside fellow outside linebacker James Harrison and on Friday he was asked what he really likes about the veteran.

“I just really like how he plays,” said Dupree. “He’s an underdog. He’s not very big, but he plays big. His work ethic is off the charts and I just like how he carries himself. I just like everything about James Harrison and I can’t wait to learn from him.”

Dupree is also looking forward to working with linebackers coach Joey Porter in Pittsburgh as well.

“That’s definitely another plus, too,” said Dupree. “So when you got two guys of that caliber in the same situation, my eyes are going to be big and my ears are going to be wide open.”

When asked if his expectations are to come in and start as a rookie, Dupree gave a perfect answer that will likely endear him to several in the fan base in addition to his new teammates.

“Oh, no, my expectation is to come in and help the team,” he said.

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