You Can Forget About The Steelers Trading WR Antonio Brown

Are you one of the many Pittsburgh Steelers fans who believes the team should trade wide receiver Antonio Brown before or during the 2015 NFL Draft now that he’s wanting a new contract? If so, let me show you what the end result of that would be from a salary cap perspective.

Assuming Brown was to be dealt prior to June 1, it would result in the Steelers incurring a dead money charge in 2015 of $9,662,500. Being as Brown is currently scheduled to count $9,787,500 against the Steelers 2015 salary cap, dealing the star pass catcher would only gain them $125,000 in cap space.

There is absolutely no way they would make a move such as that. In addition to the salary cap ramifications, another team isn’t going to trade for Brown unless they have a new deal worked out with the wide receiver ahead of time and that takes time and permission to do. In case you forgot, the draft is less than two weeks away.

Accept the fact that Brown will still be Steeler long after the draft is completed. He’s not going anywhere and at some point he will work out his contract differences with the Steelers prior to the start of the 2015 season.

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