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Steelers WR Antonio Brown Hasn’t Forgotten About His Stolen Touchdown

If you think Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has forgotten about the touchdown that was taken away from him last season with 7:55 left in the Week 7 Monday night game against the Houston Texans, you better think again.

While we’re not sure what triggered it, Brown took to his social media accounts Sunday evening to say the referees still owe him for overturning that touchdown.

Immediately after that game, several still shots and animated gifs of the play in question showed that Brown might have indeed had both feet in bounds. At the very least, being as the play was initially ruled a touchdown, it’s hard to believe that there was enough conclusive evidence to overturn the call on the field.

That following week, NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino addressed the overturned call on NFL Total Access.

“When you look at these plays, it’s hard to take a still shot and have that be definitive evidence,” Blandino said during the interview. “When we look at this play, I can freeze it on the video at that point, and it looks like the foot is in, but the foot’s not down yet.

“Now when we take it a couple of frames forward, you can see the foot up against the white. So you gotta be really careful with still frames and photos and making calls like this. I’ll show you one other look from behind the play where you can watch the foot being out of bounds there, and then when it comes up, you’ll see clearly, in the white, that’s an incomplete pass.”

Brown still finished the season with 13 touchdowns and the Steelers wound up beating the Texans. Even so, Brown still feels like he was robbed. He feels like he should have had 14.

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