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Exclusive Interview With Tennessee-Chattanooga OLB Davis Tull

All throughout the offseason, our attention on this site has been mainly focused on the 2015 NFL Draft. While the following may not be a full report on a prospect, it is vital to get to know who you’re potentially drafting on and off the field. With that said, here is an interview that was conducted with Tennessee-Chattanooga outside linebacker prospect Davis Tull, who recently had a pre-draft visit with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

#90 – Davis Tull/ OLB Tennessee-Chattanooga: 6020, 246

What goals have you set out to achieve in the NFL?

Goal number 1 is to make a team. That’s my main focus right now and if I can accomplish that I’ll start to look at more long term goals. Ultimately I am playing this game to win Super Bowls and end up as one of the best ever and I realize what an incredible amount of work and blessing that will take.

What do you think about people lowering your stock because of who your competition was?

The Southern conference was good football and that was shown by having teams beat SEC and FBS opponents.  I would hope that even though it wasn’t the “best” competition evaluators can see the skill set that I have and how it would translate to the NFL level. Also, we got the opportunity to play SEC schools every year and I felt like I was able to stand out so that hopefully eases any concerns about talent level.

Why should an NFL team draft you?

I think I have a pass rushing skill that is highly coveted in the league but also the versatility to play multiple positions. I have a good special teams build also and am passionate about the game and willing to work hard on my craft no matter what I am asked to do.

What do you feel is your biggest strength, and also, what part of your game do you feel you need to work on the most?

My biggest asset is my speed. I feel like I am the fastest LB prospect in this draft class and that allows me to make a lot of plays. Having played DE in college there will be a learning curve with making the transition to LB so I definitely need to work on those new techniques and being able to drop in coverage but that is something I embrace and am looking forward to.

What current or former NFL Player do you most compare yourself to, look up to, or model yourself after?

I like to look at a lot of other players and try and blend them into my game. I think the perfect player that I would be trying to become would have the athleticism of Von Miller with the technique of Demarcus Ware and the aggression of Lawrence Taylor.

Have you played any special teams in your collegiate career?

I played on punt team my last 2 years.

What is an NFL Franchise going to be getting with Davis Tull in terms of on and off the field, and personality?

They’re going to get a player that is going to work hard to figure it out. I will play within the system and make plays by using the technique the coaches teach. I like to think I am easy to deal with and get along with. I’ll be a very laid back guy on the team but very serious about my game at the same time.

Are you willing to transition to the outside linebacker position in a 3-4 defense? If so, do you think teams should worry about this transition?

I think that is my ideal position where I ask can utilize my athleticism more and play more in space than I was able to in college. They shouldn’t worry at all, if anything I think my ceiling is higher as a LB.

What was your greatest challenge through your collegiate career? How did you overcome this?

We hadn’t been to the playoffs in 30 years at Chattanooga but kept working at it and finally my senior year we got in and made it to the quarter finals. Individually dealing with injuries is always a challenge but I was fortunate enough to be able to fight through some of that stuff and start 48 straight games.

Are you currently working out or shaping up any aspects of your game? If so, what are you working on?

I am in the process of rehabbing my shoulder from offseason surgery right now but I make sure to continue to work out my legs and my other arm. As far as football I am studying a lot and watching as much tape as I can in the hope to make the mental transition that much easier.

What is something that every GM, scout, coach or fan should know about Davis Tull?

That he’s going to do everything he can to bring a Lombardi trophy to the city.

What do you think about potentially being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Being drafted to the NFL would be a dream come true. Pittsburgh is a classy organization that has a lot of tradition and is built around a blue collar mentality. Knowing all of that and the fit for me schematically I would be excited about it.

Who was the toughest offensive lineman you have played against?

Probably my freshman year when we opened up at Nebraska. He was a really good player and that was an eye opener for me on what I needed to do in order to be successful.

A question unrelated to you: How was Derrick Lott as a teammate? How about in the weight room?

Lott was a great teammate that everyone loved and a beast in the weight room.

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