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2015 Steelers Draft: 2014 Nate Orchard Sack Breakdown Through Game 5

Several of you have asked to see the 18.5 sacks that Utah’s Nate Orchard registered in 2014 and while I won’t be able to track all of them down for you, I should be able to show you 90% of them.

Being as Orchard had so many sacks last season, I will break them up into three separate posts. In this first post, we’ll look at 7.5 of the 8.5 sacks that he registered in the games against Idaho State, Michigan and UCLA.

Orchards first sack of the 2014 season came on Utah’s second defensive play of the season. I wish I had a better angle to show you, but I think it’s easy to see that Orchard easily blows by Idaho State left tackle Jim Bagley to get to quarterback Justin Arias. Bagley, just so you know, was listed last season at 6-3, 301 pounds.

Orchard’s second sack in that season-opener, which was actually scored as a half, features him again manhandling Bagley. He has the undersized tackle off balance right from the snap and drives him back into the quarterback.

Early in the second half of the season-opener, Orchard again gets to Arias. This time he again beats a flat-backing Bagley around the edge after going up the arc. One thing I think you’ll notice on this play is that Orchard really doesn’t flatten out well and thus we see his lack of bend.

On this next sack against Michigan, Ochard is lined up on the left side. He beats the right tackle to the inside gap on the safety blitz and gets the easy cleanup after the free-running defensive back misses the quarterback.

I don’t have Orchard’s second sack against Michigan that came in the fourth quarter after the long rain delay.

After being shutout against Washington State, Orchard did record four sacks in the next game against UCLA and I do have all them for you to see..

His first sack in that game features him beating left tackle Malcolm Bunche to the inside with a nice get off and move.

Orchard’s second sack in that game features him coming off the right side free with only a pass-protecting running back to beat. He uses his arms and hands to discard his blocker for the sack.

Orchard’s third sack against UCLA, a coverage-sack, Features him battling a double-team consisting of a running back and h-back. After finally fighting off those two players, Orchard gets enough of the quarterback with his right arm to get credit for the sack.

Orchard’s fourth and final sack against UCLA features him beating Bunche around the edge.

In the next post, I’ll attempt to show you Orchard’s next 4.5 sacks that he registered in the games against Oregon State, USC, Arizona State and Oregon.

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