2015 NFL Free Agent Transaction Tracker: Roster Cuts & Signings

In an effort to help keep you advised of all the roster cuts, signings and transactions around the NFL, we will track them for you in one post that we will update on a daily basis throughout the offseason. While several players such as Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams have already been informed that they will be released this offseason, they will not be added to the list below until the move is made official.

Updated through 3/25/2015

Carr, Deveron DB Indianapolis Colts
Dent, Akeem LB  Houston Texans Houston Texans
Hilliard, Corey T Detroit Lions New York Jets
Vickerson, Kevin DT Kansas City Chiefs New York Jets
Succop, Ryan K Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans
Slaughter, Nathan WR Arizona Cardinals
Harris, Bryce T New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints
Clay, Charles TE Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills
Irving, Nate LB Denver Broncos Indianapolis Colts
Harrison, James LB Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
Gresham, Clint LS Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
James, LaMichael RB Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
Harris, DuJuan RB Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings
Moore, Sterling DB Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Bucaaneers
Wilder, Andy P Tampa Bay Bucaaneers
Rosario, Dante TE Chicago Bears Chicago Bears
Delmas, Louis DB Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
Moore, Matt QB Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
Selvie, George DE Dallas Cowboys New York Giants
Rubin, Ahtyba DT Cleveland Browns Seattle Seahawks
Stingily, Byron T Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans
Smith, Jared G Atlanta Falcons
Ghee, Brandon DB Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals
Still, Devon DT Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals
Agnew, Ray RB Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys
Cox, Demarco T Indianapolis Colts
Moses, Dezman LB Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
Johnson, Steve WR San Francisco 49ers San Diego Chargers
Bush, Reggie RB Detroit Lions San Francisco 49ers
Clay, Charles TE Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills
Moeaki, Tony TE Seattle Seahawks Atlanta Falcons
Tamme, Jacob TE Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons
Guy, Lawrence DE Dallas Cowboys Baltimore Ravens
Hardy, Greg DE Carolina Panthers Dallas Cowboys
Mathis, Rashean DB Detroit Lions Detroit Lions
Fells, Daniel TE New York Giants New York Giants
Brewer, James T New York Giants New York Jets
Reynolds, Garrett G Detroit Lions St. Louis Rams
Robinson, Patrick DB New Orleans Saints San Diego Chargers
Unrein, Mitch DT Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers
Smith, D’Anthony DT Seattle Seahawks
McCoy, Colt QB Washington Redskins Washington Redskins
Pierce, Bernard RB Baltimore Ravens  Jacksonville Jaguars
Harvin, Percy WR New York Jets Buffalo Bills
Biermann, Kroy DE Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons
Gafford, Thomas LS Kansas City Chiefs Chicago Bears
Stewart, Darian DB Baltimore Ravens Denver Broncos
Branch, Alan DT New England Patriots New England Patriots
Fletcher, Bradley DB Philadeplhia Eagles New England Patriots
McClain, Robert DB Atlanta Falcons New England Patriots
Ellis, Kenrick DT New York Jets New York Giants
Cromartie, Antonio DB Arizona Cardinals New York Jets
Gilchrist, Marcus DB San Diego Chargers New York Jets
Britt, Kenny WR St. Louis Rams St. Louis Rams
Cox, Perrish DB San Francisco 49ers Tennessee Titans
Bilukidi, Christo DT Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens
Kreiter, Casey LS Dallas Cowboys
Cadet, Travaris RB New Orleans Saints New England Patriots
Harris, Mike T Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings
Smith, Antone RB Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons
Cox, Morgan LS Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens
Lewis, Kendrick DB Houston Texans Baltimore Ravens
Ducasse, Vladimir G Minnesota Vikings Chicago Bears
Brinkley, Jasper LB Minnesota Vikings Dallas Cowboys
Gachkar, Andrew LB San Diego Chargers Dallas Cowboys
Wilfork, Vince DT New England Patriots Houston Texans
Pears, Erik G Buffalo Bills San Francisco 49ers
McNeill, Mike TE Carolina Panthers
Schaub, Matt QB Oakland Raiders
Wynn, Jarius DE Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills
Coleman, Kurt DB Kansas City Chiefs Carolina Panthers
Williams, Tramon DB Green Bay Packers Cleveland Browns
Shorts, Cecil WR Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans
Parker, Ron DB Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
Spiller, C.J. RB Buffalo Bills New Orleans Saints
Brown, Chykie DB New York Giants New York Giants
Jerry, John G New York Giants New York Giants
Cook, Chris DB San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
Wright, Shareece DB San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers
Johnson, Jeron DB Seattle Seahawks Washington Redskins
Jennings, Greg WR Minnesota Vikings
McCray, Kelcie DB Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
Clark, Steven P Oakland Raiders
Williams, DeAngelo RB Carolina Panthers Pittsburgh Steelers
Clayborn, Adrian DE Tampa Bay Buccaneers Atlanta Falcons
Schofield, O’Brien DE Seattle Seahawks Atlanta Falcons
Avant, Jason WR Philadelphia Eagles Kansas City Chiefs
Gordon, Richard TE Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
Carpenter, James G Seattle Seahawks New York Jets
Colon, Willie G New York Jets New York Jets
Powell, Bilal RB New York Jets New York Jets
Purdum, Tanner LS New York Jets New York Jets
Revis, Darrelle DB New England Patriots New York Jets
Skrine, Buster DB Cleveland Browns New York Jets
Dockery, James DB Carolina Panthers Oakland Raiders
Ponder, Christian QB Minnesota Vikings Oakland Raiders
Wilson, Jimmy DB Miami Dolphins San Diego Chargers
White, Corey DB New Orleans Saints  Dallas Cowboys
Williams, Teddy DB Chicago Bears Carolina Panthers
Johnson, Steven LB Denver Broncos Denver Broncos
Bynes, Josh LB Detroit Lions Detroit Lions
Walker, Tyrunn DT New Orleans Saints Detroit Lions
Walters, Bryan WR Seattle Seahawks Jacksonville Jaguars
Winchester, James LS Kansas City Chiefs
Rogers, Justin DB Washington Redskins Washington Redskins
Forsett, Justin RB Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens
Easley, Marcus WR Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills
Taylor, Tyrod QB Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills
McFadden, Darren RB Oakland Raiders Dallas Cowboys
Abdul-Quddus, Isa DB Detroit Lions Detroit Lions
Moore, Rahim DB Denver Broncos Houston Texans
Fanaika, Paul G Arizona Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs
Cameron, Jordan TE Cleveland Browns Miami Dolphins
White, Chris LB New England Patriots New England Patriots
Browner, Brandon DB New England Patriots New Orleans Saints
Mathews, Ryan RB San Diego Chargers Philadelphia Eagles
Murray, DeMarco RB Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles
Thurmond, Walter DB New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles
Ayers, Akeem LB New England Patriots St. Louis Rams
Fairley, Nick DT Detroit Lions St. Louis Rams
Mathews, Ricardo DE San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers
Carter, Bruce LB Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Conte, Chris DB Chicago Bears Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Melton, Henry DT Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Klug, Karl DT Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans
Morgan, Derrick LB Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans
Orakpo, Brian LB Washington Redskins Tennessee Titans
Culliver, Chris DB San Francisco 49ers Washington Redskins
Knighton, Terrance NT Denver Broncos Washington Redskins
Hill, Michael RB Indianapolis Colts
Richardson, Trent RB Indianapolis Colts  Oakland Raiders
Howard, Travis DB New York Giants
Sendlein, Lyle C Arizona Cardinals
Chandler, Scott TE Buffalo Bills  New England Patriots
Bryant, Red DE Jacksonville Jaguars
Bowe, Dwayne WR Kansas City Chiefs  Cleveland Browns
Johnson, Steve WR San Francisco 49ers
Shipley, A.Q. C Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals
Levine, Anthony DB Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens
Schmitz, Karl P Denver Broncos Denver Broncos
Heath, T.J. DB Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
Chekwa, Chimdi DB New England Patriots New England Patriots
Freeny, Jonathan LB New England Patriots New England Patriots
Robinson, Trevor C San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers
Celek, Garrett TE San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
Iupati, Mike G San Francisco 49ers Arizona Cardinals
Peters, Corey DT Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals
Redding, Cory DT Indianapolis Colts Arizona Cardinals
Weatherspoon, Sean LB Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals
Adams, Phillip DB New York Jets Atlanta Falcons
Dickson, Ed TE Chicago Bears Carolina Panthers
Rolle, Antrel DB New York Giants Carolina Panthers
Royal, Eddie WR San Diego Chargers Carolina Panthers
Collins, Jed RB Detroit Lions Dallas Cowboys
Anderson, Colt DB Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts
Suh, Ndamukong DT Detroit Lions Miami Dolphins
Berger, Joe G Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings
Loeffler, Cullen LS Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings
Sheard, Jabaal LB Cleveland Browns New England Patriots
Humber, Ramon LB New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints
Casillas, Jonathan LB New England Patriots New York Giants
Harris, Dwayne WR Dallas Cowboys New York Giants
Herzlich, Mark LB New York Giants New York Giants
Hynoski, Henry RB New York Giants New York Giants
Newhouse, Marshall T Cincinnati Bengals New York Giants
Thomas, J.T. LB Jacksonville Jaguars New York Giants
Vereen, Shane RB New England Patriots New York Giants
Allen, Nate DB Philadelphia Eagles Oakland Raiders
Helu, Roy RB Washington Redskins Oakland Raiders
Hudson, Rodney C Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders
Smith, Lee TE Buffalo Bills Oakland Raiders
Smith, Malcolm LB Seattle Seahawks Oakland Raiders
Williams, Dan NT Arizona Cardinals Oakland Raiders
Maxwell, Byron DB Seattle Seahawks Philadelphia Eagles
Kendricks, Lance TE St. Louis Rams St. Louis Rams
Gabbert, Blaine QB San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
Smith, Torrey WR Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers
Searcy, Da’Norris DB Buffalo Bills Tennessee Titans
Leach, Mike LS Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals
Durant, Justin LB Dallas Cowboys Atlanta Falcons
Hankerson, Leonard WR Washington Redskins Atlanta Falcons
Person, Mike G St. Louis Rams Atlanta Falcons
Reed, Brooks LB Houston Texans Atlanta Falcons
Felton, Jerome RB Minnesota Vikings Buffalo Bills
McPhee, Pernell LB Baltimore Ravens Chicago Bears
Boling, Clint G Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals
Winston, Eric T Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals
Moore, Marlon WR Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns
Daniels, Owen TE Baltimore Ravens Denver Broncos
Green, Virgil TE Denver Broncos Denver Broncos
Prater, Matt K Detroit Lions Detroit Lions
Bulaga, Bryan T Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
Hoyer, Brian QB Cleveland Browns Houston Texans
Adams, Mike S Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts
Gore, Frank RB San Francisco 49ers Indianapolis Colts
Brown, Sergio DB Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars
House, Davon DB Green Bay Packers Jacksonville Jaguars
Odrick, Jared DT Miami Dolphins Jacksonville Jaguars
Parnell, Jermey T Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars
Skuta, Dan LB San Francisco 49ers Jacksonville Jaguars
Thomas, Julius TE Denver Broncos Jacksonville Jaguars
Maclin, Jeremy WR Philadelphia Eagles Kansas City Chiefs
McCain, Brice DB Pittsburgh Steelers Miami Dolphins
Hill, Shaun QB St. Louis Rams Minnesota Vikings
Johnson, Tom DT Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings
Graham, Brandon LB Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles
Moats, Arthur LB Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
Franklin, Orlando G Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers
Paea, Stephen NT Chicago Bears Washington Redskins
Johnson, Michael DE Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Cincinnati Bengals
Long, Jake T St. Louis Rams
Smith, Shelley G Miami Dolphins  Denver Broncos
Wells, Scott C St. Louis Rams
Gaines, Rogers T New York Giants
Johnson, Andre WR Houston Texans  Indianapolis Colts
Lewis, Thaddeus QB Houston Texans  Cleveland Browns
Lofton, Curtis LB New Orleans Saints  Oakland Raiders
Keisel, Brett DE Pittsburgh Steelers
Miller, Zach TE Seattle Seahawks
Walker, Reggie LB San Diego Chargers
Young, Usama DB Oakland Raiders
Roach, Nick LB Oakland Raiders
Jones-Drew, Maurice RB Oakland Raiders  Retired
Walker, Vance DE Kansas City Chiefs  Denver Broncos
Williams, Jesse DT Seattle Seahawks
Scott, Garrette T Seattle Seahawks
Woodley, LaMarr DE Oakland Raiders  Arizona Cardinals
Mays, Joe LB Kansas City Chiefs
Thomas, Pierre RB New Orleans Saints
Cole, Trent LB Philadelphia Eagles  Indianapolis Colts
Myers, Chris C Houston Texans
Branch, Tyvon DB Oakland Raiders  Kansas City Chiefs
Williams, Cary DB Philadelphia Eagles  Seattle Seahawks
Pollard, Benard DB Tennessee Titans
Massaquoi, Jonathan DE Atlanta Falcons  Tennessee Titans
Hampton, Victor DB Baltimore Ravens
Finnegan, Cortland DB Miami Dolphins
Garner, Nate T Miami Dolphins
Walton, J.D. C New York Giants
Moore, Lance WR Pittsburgh Steelers
Dockett, Darnell DT Arizona Cardinals  San Francisco 49ers
Blalock, Justin G Atlanta Falcons
Douglas, Harry WR Atlanta Falcons  Tennessee Titans
Jackson, Steven RB Atlanta Falcons
Canty, Chris DE Baltimore Ravens
Geathers, Robert DE Cincinnati Bengals
Little, Greg WR Cincinnati Bengals
Gibson, Brandon WR Miami Dolphins  New England Patriots
Hartline, Brian WR Miami Dolphins  Cleveland Browns
Johnson, Charlie G Minnesota Vikings
Herremans, Todd G Philadelphia Eagles  Indianapolis Colts
Bowen, Stephen DE Washington Redskins  New York Jets
Cofield, Barry NT Washington Redskins
Blackmon, Will DB Jacksonville Jaguars  Seattle Seahawks
Fasano, Anthony TE Kansas City Chiefs  Tennessee Titans
Langford, Kendall DT St. Louis Rams Indianapolis Colts
Clary, Jeromey G San Diego Chargers Retired
Jones, Jacoby WR Baltimore Ravens  San Diego Chargers
Bush, Reggie RB Detroit Lions
Hawk, A.J. LB Green Bay Packers  Cincinnati Bengals
Hillis, Peyton RB New York Giants
Johnson, Jarret LB San Diego Chargers Retired
Kiwanuka, Mathias DE New York Giants
Ginn, Ted WR Arizona Cardinals  Carolina Panthers
Jean Francois, Ricky DE Indianapolis Colts Washington Redskins
Pollak, Mike G Cincinnati Bengals
Jones, Brad LB Green Bay Packers Philadelphia Eagles
Foote, Larry LB Arizona Cardinals
Casey, James TE Philadelphia Eagles
Jenkins, A.J. WR Kansas City Chiefs
Alexander, Mister LB Dallas Cowboys Seattle Seahawks
Bostick, Brandon TE Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings
Dorsey, Kevin WR Green Bay Packers  New England Patriots
Jenkins, A.J. WR Kansas City Chiefs
Rivers, Keith LB Buffalo Bills  Dallas Cowboys
DeCoud, Thomas DB Carolina Panthers
Phillips, Shaun LB Indianapolis Colts
Avery, Donnie WR Kansas City Chiefs
Holloman, DeVonte LB Dallas Cowboys Retired
Jerry, Peria DT Atlanta Falcons
Snelling, Jason RB Atlanta Falcons Retired
McQuistan, Paul G Cleveland Browns
Nixon, Xavier T Indianapolis Colts Washington Redskins
Howard, Reggie DB Carolina Panthers
McCown, Josh QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cleveland Browns
Jackson, Andrew LB Indianapolis Colts
Wilson, David RB New York Giants Retired
Landry, LaRon DB Indianapolis Colts
Momah, Ifeanyi TE Detroit Lions
Ozougwu, Cheta LB New Orleans Saints
Cody, Terrence DT Baltimore Ravens
Oher, Michael T Tennessee Titans  Carolina Panthers
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