2015 Draft

Exclusive Interview With Stanford CB Alex Carter

As we delve further into the Pittsburgh Steelers offseason, our attention has begun to shift towards the draft. While this may not be a full report on a prospect, it is vital to get to know who you’re potentially drafting on and off the field. A change of scenery today as an interview was conducted with Alex Carter.
#25 – Alex Carter/ CB Stanford: 6’0 200

  1. What went into your decision to enter the draft early as a junior? 

It’s something my family and I have been discussing for a while. I felt that I was mentally and physically prepared to take my game to the next level. It’s always been my dream to play in the NFL where you have some of the top athletes in the world, and that’s where I see myself being for a long time.

  1. Where do you think you rank among Cornerbacks in this year’s draft?

I honestly believe that I am the best, and that’s not me just being over confident and saying that. I’ve watched everyone else and I’ve seen their game film. Some guys in certain areas do some really good things, but as a complete overall prospect I know that I’m the best in this class. From a technical standpoint I’ve been trained at the cornerback position since I was young and I have the athleticism to back it up, I only plan on getting better from here.

  1. What goals have you set out to achieve in the NFL?

I’ve stated before that I plan on being a starter wherever I land. I plan on playing for at least the next 15 years, being a multiple all pro, and eventually one day placing my name along the greatest to ever play this game in the Hall of Fame.

  1. What do you feel is your biggest strength, and also, what part of your game do you feel you need to work on the most?

My biggest strengths are my size and my speed and my intellect. I love playing man to man and challenging receivers down at the line of scrimmage, but I’m also able to adjust and play in a zone scheme as when that is required. My weaknesses are shown when I’m playing off coverage in zone and I sometimes get caught looking in the backfield too much, so eye discipline is something I am committed to improving moving forward. Also, I left some plays out there on the field; you play this game for ball, so I also just need to continue on making those plays when they come my way. You don’t get many opportunities at the cornerback position so when they come you have to make the most of them!

  1. What current or former NFL Player do you most compare yourself to, or look up to?

I love watching the technicians in this game, see how they play, watch what they do that makes them so great. Athleticism can only take you so far before you get beat, the corners who play with great technique are the ones who find themselves being all pros year in and year out. I grew up watching a lot of tape on Champ Bailey and modeled my game after him early on, and currently I watch Darrelle Revis often and take parts of his game as well, both are technicians, both are fundamentally sound at their position, and both are two of the best to ever play.

  1. What is an NFL Franchise going to be getting with Alex Carter in terms of on and off the field, and personality?

On the field they’re getting one of the most athletically gifted and smartest players in the nation, someone who is physical and aggressive to the point of attack. They are getting a big, long corner who can make plays, and loves playing the game. Off the field they are getting a person of high character, a person of high integrity who is respected by the people of his community.

  1. What coverages are you most comfortable in?

I love playing man to man coverage, cover 1. But I’ve also learned to be a good cover 2 corner, and I know how to play cover 3 and cover 4 as well. I’m always more comfortable locking down my guy, but I know defense enough to be able to adapt and play many different coverages when required.

  1. Who was the toughest wide receiver you have faced?

The toughest receiver I faced was Keenan Allen my freshman year when he was at Cal and then Marquise Lee my sophomore year when he was at USC.

  1. What are some things you are focusing on skill wise to get prepared for draft testing?

I’ve been training for the past six weeks at the Exos facility in San Diego doing complete combine preparation. Bench press, 40, pro agility, and position specific drills on the field. We’ve also done interview training and wonderlic testing. I feel very prepared getting ready to head into the combine, I know what to expect and I’m confident that I will impress scouts and teams in these next coming months.

  1. What is something that every GM, scout, coach or fan should know about Alex Carter?

I have an NFL pedigree. My dad was a 1st round pick coming out of Notre Dame his junior year in 1992 and he played for 9 years after that. Like I said previously, I have viewed myself as a professional for some time now and I plan on playing for the next 15 years. I’m also probably one of the youngest players in this draft class, I skipped a grade in elementary school and I’m currently only 20, I won’t turn 21 until October so I have long career ahead of me and I only plan on getting better every day.

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