Will There Be A Next Stop In The NFL For Dick LeBeau?

Dick LeBeau made it clear Saturday that his intent is not to retire from coaching after telling Steve Stout of the Daily Citizen that he had resigned as the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator earlier in the day. If indeed LeBeau does coach in 2015, where will that be?

While LeBeau looks and acts like he’s 57 instead of 77, he cant hide from his birth certificate. With that being said, you have to wonder how many teams will be interested in hiring him to be their defensive coordinator at his age.

The Arizona Cardinals might be in the market for a new defensive coordinator should their current one, Todd Bowles, land a head coaching job over the course of the next few weeks. That would be an obvious landing spot for LeBeau being as Bruce Arians, the Steelers former offensive coordinator, is the head coach there.

The Cardinals currently employ Tom Moore as their assistant head coach and he’s just one year younger than LeBeau. Even if LeBeau isn’t hired to be the Cardinals defensive coordinator, I could certainly see him being hired as a defensive assistant or consultant

Should LeBeau not land in Arizona, he might could land with the San Francisco 49ers or the Washington Redskins as both teams will need to fill their vacant defensive coordinator jobs. Muck like with the Cardinals, LeBeau might could be brought in to be an assistant.

When asked Saturday to comment on LeBeau resigning from the Steelers, his best friend Bill Priatko had this to say to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

“He said that everything has to come to an end at some time,” Priatko told the paper. “I asked him if he would coach anywhere else, and he said it would depend on who it was with.”

We should find out over the course of the next few weeks if any teams have interest in hiring LeBeau and if his intent is indeed to keep on coaching, I hope that he’s able to do just that. It’s what he loves to do.

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