No Final Decision Made Yet, But Ike Taylor “Cool” With 2014 Being His Last Year

Cornerback Ike Taylor has been an incredibly valued member of the Pittsburgh Steelers during his 12 year career. However, Taylor started to show signs of slowing down and struggling with injuries this season; leaving many fans to speculate on what his next move would be.

On Tuesday’s edition of Trib Live Radio’s “The Ike Taylor Show“, Taylor informed fans of where he was at mentally after a difficult season.

“For me, as much as it sucked not playing this year, I had time to reflect on my own career and my decision making and I’m cool with it being my last year.”

Taylor also stated that he wanted to remain a Steeler even if that means he has to retire, explaining what his role could be in the Steelers organization if the team decides not to ask for his services.

“I can be in the office, I don’t mind working my way from the bottom up, I can be an assistant (coach), I don’t mind working my way from the bottom up, because that’s been my life story anyway.”

With that said, Taylor made it emphatically clear he still thinks he could play, but in the end, it’s up to the Steelers organization.

“I will sacrifice on and off the field, if that means I have to put my pride aside in the decision to play or not play football, so be it, said Taylor. “So, like I said, I’m cool with this being my last year.”

It seems like Taylor is being realistic about his playing future with the Steelers, and it’s refreshing to see a player so loyal to an organization. Of course, it helps that Taylor would have many opportunities open to him in the organization to fall back on. With injuries and an obvious decline in his abilities on the football field, it would make sense for the long-time Steeler to finally hang up the cleats.

I’m sure in the next few weeks Taylor will decide what he wants to do, but whatever Taylor decides, he should assuredly have some type of role with the organization.

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