Week 17 Sunday Afternoon Discussion Thread

With the Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday night for the AFC North title, we’ll all get a chance to sit back and watch the early games play out. Come kickoff tonight, we’ll know who the final AFC playoff team will be as well.

We’ll use this thread to discuss all of the early games as the San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans all look to secure a playoff spot in the final week of the 2014 NFL season.

Here’s something else for you to ponder while you watch the early games. If the Denver Broncos beat the Oakland Raiders, is it really worth it for the Bengals to play injured wide receiver A.J. Green Sunday night against the Steelers, even though they can still secure a first round home game? While he ended the week listed as probable, reports late last night indicated that he will need a pregame pain-killing shot and will need to wear extra padding in order to play Sunday night.

Enjoy the games and please keep things civil in this thread.

Oh, and Go Steelers!

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