Steelers Vs. Bengals Game Rewind – Second Half

Game notes from the Pittsburgh Steelers 42-21 win over the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday.

Second Half

Jarvis Jones replaced Will Johnson on kick coverage to start the second.

– Like Stephon Tuitt’s finish on the play, winning inside, but a poor punch that barley moves the RG off his base. Lacking strength.




Lawrence Timmons with the textbook shed and stick.



– Seeing that windmill rush from Jarvis Jones on his speed rush. Could power small countries with that windmill.

Antonio Brown 32 yard completion mid-way through the third. Offensive line gave Ben Roethlisberger about four seconds to throw. Kudos.

– Missed second level block, leaving the linebacker (#58) free. Pretty sure Kelvin Beachum is supposed to come off the double-team. Too bad because Ramon Foster does a fantastic job sealing the DT to create a lane.



Le’Veon Bell ten yard TD. Three receivers to the left, no one to the right. Bell left solo against the linebacker. Love the explosion off his break to create separation and score.



– Love the hustle and athleticism by Steve McLendon to chase down Gio Bernard on this RB screen.



– One of many plays where the entire defense controlled the LOS, as Mike Tomlin pointed out in his presser. Bengals rush for just two.


– Terrific base block by Matt Spaeth against DE Carlos Dunlap. Turns him out for a 14 yard gain. Like having a sixth lineman out there.



– Is Maurkice Pouncey’s base too wide here? Weight in at the comments. Gets beat by Domata Peko.


– Lawrence Timmons defending against this trap block, dipping inside and then making the tackle at the LOS.



Ike Taylor had a false step and was late to open the gate on A.J .Green’s 81 yard TD but I hate the idea of putting a dinged up corner in tight coverage with a single-high safety. Recipe for disaster and that’s the coaching’s fault.


– Again, so close to getting to the QB on the TD. Timmons a moment too late.


David DeCastro, Johnson, and Heath Miller with key blocks on Bell’s 53 yard run. Two kickouts and one downblock.



– One down side to the 13 personnel used. When they all run routes, there’s no vertical threat, and there’s no separation. Nothing available here.


– Bell also does an underratedly fantastic job in his blitz pickup. Reliable and getting better as the year drags on. Defends against this Cat (corner) blitz off the edge. Not shown in the photo below, but overall, Bell does a nice job in his recognition and picking up free rushers from across the formation.



– Subtle but Steelers use motion with Heath Miller to set up Bell’s 13 yard TD run. Motion from left to the right, away from the run, gets the LBs to move down a gap. Enough for Johnson to get a better angle on the down block.



– Beachum also lost his mind after the score. He was the happiest dude in the stadium. Check it out.

– Great body control by Miller to keep his balance after tripping on the ensuring two point conversion.

– It took Martavis Bryant just 23 strides to run from his four to his own 49, where he made the catch on his 94 yard run. I timed it out and he ran 8.18 yards per second. Or 16 miles per hour, faster than speed limits in most school zones.

– Power O so dominate. When the defense knows it’s coming and you still can’t stop it, it’s pretty darn effective. DeCastro is an animal.

– Jarvis Jones and Vince Williams played strictly in the nickel.

Arthur Moats with nice bend on his FF to end the game. Beat the backup LT Marshall Newhouse.

– Disappointed with Jason Worilds. Again. Getting pushed up the arc and having trouble even beating TEs in pass pro. Was hoping he could get consistent pressure against newly signed RT Eric Winston who checked into the game late but I think he only really beat him once.

– Tuitt is a good hand fighter. Did better against the run. And the jump in snaps was critical. Most important thing.

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