Steelers vs Jets Game Rewind: Second Half

By Alex Kozora

Game observations from the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-13 loss to the hands of the New York Jets Sunday afternoon.

Second Half

Ben Roethlisberger motions to Markus Wheaton to run vertically on his second INT but overshoots him. Leads to an INT as the deep safety closes on the MOF.

James Harrison with an excellent job at the POA against tight end Jeff Cumberland. Sheds, makes tackle.


– Cornerback with inside leverage. Probably why Ben tried to throw the comeback to Wheaton. Wheaton breaks it on a curl. Likely a bad read/decision by the WR.


– Threat of a safety blitz causes Maurkice Pouncey to slide to that size. Free rusher although it doesn’t excuse Roethlisberger’s terrible footwork. Pressure isn’t close enough to cause him to open his shoulders and throw entirely off his back foot. Pass flutters incomplete. Probably 7’s ugliest throw of the game.



– Cover 2, Brice McCain should be playing a “trail” technique and driving to the inside hip of the WR. Takes away any in-breaking routes. Doesn’t do a good job here and allows the curl.



Shouldn’t have to worry as much about a vertical threat with the safety over the top.

– Kudos to Cameron Heyward for being able to keep his outside hand free against Nick Mangold and make this tackle on a screen to big Jace Amaro.


– As we showed last week, great anchor from David DeCastro against 343 pound Kenrick Ellis. Keeps the pocket clean for Big Ben as he fires a 45 yard nine route complete to Martavis Bryant.


– Nice job by Gilbert to “find work” and help out Matt Spaeth. Keeps the DE, who has the tight end beat, from getting to Ben.



Kelvin Beachum appears to have gotten overextended on his run block. Lets Muhammad Wilkerson penetrate freely and blow the play up. Steelers forced to try for three…a 23 yard field goal that Shaun Suisham somehow shanks.


Jason Worilds’ sack. Jets slide the wrong way. LG blocking no one. Worilds free and crunches Vick.


– Couple things to note on this play. We’ll start with what I noticed first. Antonio Brown attempting to block Quinton Coples. It doesn’t end well for the WR.



Bigger issue. Steelers run for only two yards on this play. Against just two down DL and a four man box. And the Jets had only ten men on the field (h/t to reader Michael for pointing this out).


Inexcusable and is really telling about how bad this running offense is.

– Roethlisberger falling back on his instincts on 3rd and goal. Scrambles, flushes out of the pocket when he should have hung tough and climbed. When you leave the pocket, you create easy chase angles for defensive lineman. And on this play, flushing to the left eliminates the option of throwing to any of the three receivers to the right. Pass incomplete and the Steelers are forced to settle for three.


– Still not sure what Darrius Heyward-Bey did to draw his offsides on the onside kick. Looked fine to me. Maybe a leg/hand twitch?

Lawrence Timmons not filling the “C” gap. Ends up stacking the “B” and it’s a big hole for Chris Ivory to run behind John Connor en route to a gain of eight.


– Later in the game, Wheaton appears to adjust his route and makes the catch on an outside shoulder throw. Same situation, CB with inside leverage although Wheaton’s break is the same – to the inside, not outside.



– Steelers 4th and 21, following the Roethlisberger fumble on the snap. Jets send seven but play their CBs with a big cushion. Like on the first sack, the safety rushes free and gets pressure on Ben.

Appears to be an issue with the slide protection. Have four blockers vs a three man pressure to the left. Beachum doesn’t pick up the EMOL rushing and it screws up the protection. Would blame him, not Le’Veon Bell.


– Roethlisberger’s 80 yard touchdown to Martavis Bryant. Ball traveled 62.5 yards in the air.

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