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Steelers Turned Down Offer To Be Branded “America’s Team” In 70s

While the Dallas Cowboys are now referred to by many as being “America’s Team”, it’s only because the Pittsburgh Steelers decided that they didn’t want to be branded that way.

During an interview last weekend on the Talk of Fame Network radio show, Steelers owner Dan Rooney recalled the old story of his father Art Rooney turning down an offer by NFL Films in the 1970s to be branded as “America’s Team” and it never gets old hearing it.

“We discussed it whenever they called and said, ‘Hey, we’re Pittsburgh’s team.’ It turned out very well,” Rooney said, according to a Wednesday story by Clark Judge.

The Steelers went on to win four championships in 70s and two of those came at the expense of the Cowboys, which always makes this story even better.

I cant wait to hear what fans of the Cowboys have to say about this after they are reminded once again that their team played second fiddle to the Steelers and that they only have the “America’s Team” moniker because The Chief decided he didn’t want it.

How do you like us now, Cowboy fans?

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