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Ravens John Harbaugh Takes Shot At Steelers During Locker Room Speech

The Baltimore Ravens aren’t happy with CBS for airing comments made by head coach Jim Harbaugh in the locker room following his team’s win Sunday over the Tennessee Titans.

Cameras in the locker room caught Harbaugh taking a shot at the Pittsburgh Steelers after they lost to the New York Jets and CBS showed them.

“That team beat us last week,” Harbaugh said.  “Then they went and got their ass kicked this week.”

After the comments aired, Ravens Senior Vice President of Public and Community Relations Kevin Byrne issued a statement on the team’s website.

“The comments made by John Harbaugh in the locker room following today’s victory over the Titans were meant for Ravens players and coaches only. The CBS-TV crew that was in the locker room was told by Coach Harbaugh that it could not broadcast what he was about to say. When Coach Harbaugh finished talking about various things happening around the NFL and in the AFC North, he told the crew that it could now use what he was going to say. Inexplicably, CBS-TV then aired comments Coach Harbaugh specifically said were not to leave the locker room. CBS-TV immediately pulled the video and apologized to the Ravens.”

The 6-4 Ravens now have a bye in Week 11. Harbaugh can now sit back and hope that the Steelers get their ass beat by the Titans next Monday night.

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