Blount Promised Brown A Few Weeks Ago He Would Do His TD Dance

After scoring his first of two touchdowns Sunday in the New England Patriots win over the Detroit Lions, running back LeGarrette Blount honored Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown by doing his Bennie Biggle Wiggle touchdown dance. According to Scott Brown of, Blount promised Brown a few weeks ago that he would do the dance the next time he got into the end zone.

“When you’re close with a guy you always want to see him succeed and feed his family,” Brown said Monday. “It’s great he’s in a good opportunity and hopefully he learned from everything I just wish he did [the touchdown dance] for us.”

Brown and Blount apparently developed a strong friendship during the short time that they spent together in Pittsburgh which ended when the latter was waived last Tuesday for walking off the field prior to the game ending against the Tennessee Titans last Monday night.

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell also indicated Monday that he was in contact with Blount to congratulate him after the Patriots game against the Lions.

“He’s not with the Steelers anymore but that’s still one of my closest friends,” Bell said, “so I’m going to keep in contact with him.”

While some of the Steelers players might be glad that Blount is no longer in Pittsburgh, it sounds like Brown and Bell were both sad to see him go. The three obviously spent a lot of time together since Blount was signed back in March.

It’s unfortunate the way things ended for Blount in Pittsburgh and even more unfortunate that we will now have to watch him play in a Patriots uniform for the remainder of the season. Hopefully all three friends can meet together again on the field in the playoffs.

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