Steelers Vs. Ravens: Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween to you all.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a huge game ahead of them Sunday night against the Baltimore Ravens and a win will sure go long way in helping them possibly win the AFC North this season. There will be tons of excitement in the air at Heinz Field Sunday night with the extra festivities also going on at halftime.

As we do every Friday, here are five questions I want you to answer that should spark a few discussions as we head into the weekend.

Thank you to all of you that visit the site as it was a fantastic October.

  1. As you all know, the Steelers will be honoring Hall of Famer Joe Greene Sunday night be retiring his No. 75 at halftime. That course of action has been long overdue and hopefully it doesn’t take another 50 years before the next number is retired. I’m not sure I will still be alive to see it if it does take that long. With that being said, which number should be retired next if it were your decision.
  1. A few weeks ago I asked you rate the game against the Houston Texans on a scale of 1-10 as it related to it being a must-win. Using that same scale, with 10 being an absolute must-win, how would you rate the Sunday night against the Ravens?
  1. Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert was on hand for the Thursday night game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Louisville Cardinals. With the 2015 NFL Draft now just six months away, let us know one player that you hope the Steelers draft in the first three rounds and give us all a short reason why. It’s your first opportunity to call your shot.
  1. You’ve all seen the Bold Predictions segment that comes on the NFL Network every Sunday morning, right? Give me one bold prediction for the Steelers-Ravens game. Mine? Steve McLendon gets a sack and a fumble recovery during the game on two separate plays.
  1. In honor of Halloween, what was/is your favorite candy to get while out trick-or-treating. No fruit answers will be accepted and that might just get you banned.
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