Steelers vs Browns II First Half Notes And Observations

Below are my notes and observations upon reviewing the first half of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

  • On Dri Archer’s first kick return, Vince Williams missed his block, which got Archer tackled on the 14.
  • The ‘start’ by Lance Moore was evidently a token gesture, as he didn’t play again until after the two-minute warning with the Steelers down 18. It seemed the game plan was to run, but that had to change.
  • The Steelers’ first drive ended in a three-and-out when Heath Miller missed his block on a run left on third and one.
  • Jason Worilds had nice coverage on first down when the Steelers dropped eight in coverage.
  • Troy Polamalu read run early on second down by the tight end’s engagement. The result was a three-yard loss.
  • Cameron Heyward had the only sack for the Steelers on the day. They don’t generate enough pressure.
  • Miller is missing too many blocks. He got Le’Veon Bell tripped up at the line of scrimmage on the Steelers’ third play of their second drive.
  • Archer appears to have tripped over Ramon Foster’s foot on his first carry. Had he not, he would have had room to run.
  • Three straight rushes on goal to go starting from the eight—ends in three points.
  • Who knows where this run defense would be without Lawrence Timmons and Polamalu. They need to play out of their minds on Monday night with Steve McLendon
  • Jason Worilds got some pressure off the right side on third and eight to help coax out an incompletion.
  • Justin Brown was award for his run-blocking with a reception on third and one.
  • The momentum in the game died with the first foul-up between Ben Roethlisberger and Markus Wheaton. It came on third and three inside the red zone. What followed was a botched field goal hold and 31 unanswered points by the Browns.
  • The Steelers let Jordan Cameron slip right through everybody on a heavy run look and bootleg by Brian Hoyer. It should have gone for a touchdown if not for an underthrow, but the Browns got in on the next play anyway.
  • Although Timmons was held on the touchdown.
  • Bell was very close to tapping his left foot down on the deep ball his way. If he can work on his sideline footwork, he can be a very scary receiving threat.
  • Roethlisberger stared down Wheaton on third and six and threw to him anyway even in tight coverage.
  • The second punt by Brad Wing only traveled 35 yards. Fortunately a penalty on the Browns added 10 more.
  • The best tackle by James Harrison of the day was negated by an offside penalty.
  • He did get to Hoyer on Jordan’s long touchdown pass. But football isn’t horseshoes.
  • And finally a decent play from Archer on a 15-yard carry to the edge. Of note is Wheaton’s blocking down the field.
  • Roethlisberger overthrew Wheaton on third and one on a deep ball.
  • Wing’s next punt also when 35 yards, but it was caught at the 16, and Ross Ventrone made the tackle on the 15.
  • The failure of Sean Spence to get off block opened up some opportunities for extended runs.
  • Mike Mitchell had probably his best game thus far with the Steelers, laying some big hits that jarred loose footballs, including one forced fumble.
  • The defensive line was dominated on Ben Tate’s first touchdown.
  • Outside of two catches by Antonio Brown, the Steelers’ two-minute offense was a disaster.
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