Steelers Vs. Panthers: Friday Night Five Questions

It’s finally Friday and there’s a big weekend of football ahead of us. The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Carolina Panthers Sunday night on the road and a win combined with a Cincinnati Bengals loss could result in a lot more optimism from the fan base with the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming to town in Week 4.

I have five brand new questions below that I would like you to answer in the comments section. A few are Steelers related while a couple are related to the league as a whole. Have a great weekend and Go Steelers.

1. While Steelers safeties Troy Polamalu and Mike Mitchell weren’t fined for their hits last week against the Baltimore Ravens, they both were flagged during the game. Should coaches be able to challenge these kind of calls in the near future? Give me your suggestions.

2. Besides linebacker Luke Kuechly, name me one other player on the Panthers roster that you wish were currently on the Steelers roster.

3. The Panthers have averaged 87.5 yards per game rushing in their first two games while the Steelers are giving up an average of 174 a game. Taking the average of those two, we get 130.75. So, will the Panthers rush for more than 130 yards or less Sunday night?

4. Moving forward, if a player is arrested and charged with a domestic violence crime, should he be placed on the Commissioner’s list right away and deactivated from all team activities even if there’s a chance he could be completely innocent? Where is the line drawn as to not punish too quickly?

5. Monday morning the Steelers will be 1-2 or 2-1?

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