Steelers Offense Has Been Going To 11 A Lot So Far In 2014

Despite having three tight ends and one fullback on the roster, Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley can’t be accused of using too many two tight end sets or sets that include a fullback being lined up in the backfield so far through the first two games of the 2014 season.

Haley has gone heavy on the 11 personnel grouping through two games as the three wide receiver package has been used on 95 of 123 plays thus far. That’s 77.2% of the time if you’re scoring at home.

Running a distant second is the 12 personnel grouping that features two tight ends. That set has been used on all of 17 plays and that just so happens to be the amount of snaps that tight end Matt Spaeth has played so far this season.

If he stays on his current pace, fullback Will Johnson will only play 24 snaps on offense in 2014. Johnson has logged three snaps with of playing time so far this season and in total the Steelers offense has had two back on the field at the same tie for a total of nine plays.

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