Friday Night Five Questions Post Steelers Loss To Ravens

I hope that all of you will be able to watch the premier of ‘Joe Greene: A Football Life’ tonight on the NFL Network as I’ve heard it’s a well put together piece.

Prior to that airing, I hope you all have some time to answer the five questions that I have for you below following the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

1. If you had to pick just one play from Thursday night’s game and label it as a turning point, which play would it be?

2. Assuming that the team is fully healthy after the long week, the Week 3 inactive list could be tough to fill out. Assuming that Landry Jones, Chris Hubbard and Wesley Johnson will be three of the seven players on that list, I’ll let you fill in the other four names. Choose carefully.

3. Name one player on the Steelers defense that hasn’t played as well as you thought he would have in the first two games of the 2014 season.

4. Running back Le’Veon Bell has 304 yards from scrimmage after two games. Based on what you have seen so far, predict his total yards from scrimmage after 16 games.

5. Will Roger Goodell still be the commissioner in 2015?

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