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Steelers LB Vince Williams On Friday Night Fight: ‘Me and Le’Veon Are Cool’

One of the highlights of the Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night practice at Latrobe Memorial Stadium was the fight between running back Le’Veon Bell and linebacker Vince Williams during the backs on backers drill. Tempers flared even more when running back LeGarrette Blount tried to intervene. Cooler heads eventually prevailed, however, and on Saturday, Williams talked about the incident with the media.

“Me and Le’Veon are cool,” said Williams about the scuffle. “We are just competitors going after it. Things like that are going to happen. It’s not that we don’t like each other, it’s just when you get into a heated drill like that he wants to win and I want to win and things like that are going to happen.”

Williams was then asked if he felt the team needed that first training camp fight in order to get things intense and guys raring to go.

“No, I think it’s random,” said Williams, who is entering his second season. “I don’t really think we look at things like that. I don’t think me and him sat down and thought about it or planned it.”

Steelers defensive assistant Joey Porter has been very vocal since being hired to help out the linebackers and Williams is glad to have him as a coach.

“I just think it’s interesting to hear him and how when we talk to him, it’s like talking to someone who’s playing with you right now.”

It appears as though Williams has carried over that intensity that he had Friday night to Saturday, as he destroyed running back Josh Harris during a period that apparently wasn’t supposed to include tackling.

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